Effective networking skills

November 10, 2020 • 10:00 AM11:00 AMFree
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November 10, 2020 • 10:00 AM11:00 AMFree

About this event

Is your networking not working as hard as you'd like? Are you putting lots of time, energy, and money into your networking activities and events but not getting the results you'd expect? Are your face to face and virtual meetings not translating into sales? Or does the idea of networking make you feel daunted or frustrated?

Our relaxed, business focused session includes:

  • Top networking tips

  • How you can get new clients/customers

  • Tips on building confidence

  • Ideas for expanding your network

  • Enhancing business relationships

Colin McKeand is one of the UK's leading business networking skills trainers, speakers and occasional broadcaster. For over 20 years he has used face-to-face and online networking as a key business tool in running several successful businesses.

Along the way he has made valuable connections, developed key relationships, and secured 95% of his new business and clients through the power of networking. He is now training, teaching, advising and helping individuals and organisations in the art of effective networking that delivers guaranteed results and return on investment.

His clients range from large corporates, particularly in the professional services industries, to smaller companies. Colin also provides 121 training. Colin hosts and runs his own networking events, conferences and seminars and speaks about networking at various events. If you want to know what is happening in the business community, look no further.


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